a peaceful world
love is the way
is anybody out there ?
you are god
isle of space
grizzly bear
make your mind up soon
one heart at a time
few and far between
i'm setting you free
can't buy me love
must be a reason
holiday hotel
awake in dream
land of the navajo
here is where you'll find me
   This website contains videos created by Cary Benjamin of the House of Curtis. Cary is a multi-dimensional artist who creates from a place of detachment. Every instrument in every song was captured on the first take and gives the feeling of more than one person playing the parts. Inventing the song as he goes. This gives life to the music. From coming up with the first track to finished recording usually takes less than 30 minutes.
   Cary's music is organic and not polished. He often completely forgets songs right after recording them and moves on to something else.